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How to avoid abandoning your goals in this new year.

Updated: Feb 21

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The starting months of the year are like a test drive for us to see how we continue the habits we started and the goals we set at the end of the last year. Many people set goals in December and find it difficult to stick with them in January. Then in February, everything becomes as it was last year. Some proven ways can help a person to continue working on the goals that were set in the last year.

Below are some of them that can be used:

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  • Encouraging oneself is very effective to continue working towards goals as per Gaiam. By encouragement, one gets the motivation to work every day [1].

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  • EduFund recommends long-term goal setting as a way of having an organised behaviour. Without a long-term goal, we end up with short-term goals that might get forgotten and may not synchronise with all the plans for the future [3].

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  • According to Forbes, writing down goals helps one to always remember them, analyse them subconsciously and create plans. This also helps to never forget the goals as what is out of sight often becomes out of mind! [6]. 

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  • Positive thinking can also help a person to have a clear mind and feel energised while working on plans and goals; recommends Vaughn College [2].

Goals also provide much-needed clarity of mind and improve our mental health.

It is important to not only set goals but monitor their progress too. Goal setting can be very beneficial for our growth and well-being as it keeps us motivated during setbacks and helps us to see the bigger picture and continue working on them.



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