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What is Silly Opera?

Silly Opera is the platform which enables mental health conversations through text and audio. You can also connect to trained volunteer counselors for one on one talks.

Is Silly Opera right for me?

Silly Opera is open to anyone who wants to have conversations in a group setting as well as in person on one on one basis. It is an inclusive community and does not discriminate against you on any basis. In case  you require help with counseling and other emergency concerns, we suggest you seek help from other sources.

Do I have to pay to become a member?

Silly Opera will be an open community on discord. It will be a free network, you don't need to pay us for group conversations.

Will I also get access to counselors?

Neither the members nor the trained volunteers have any expertise to provide you with guidance and counselling. The professional counselling section is a work in progress for Silly Opera. If you need assistance from medical practitioners, you can use other resources. We will also update our go to resources soon.

Can I stay anonymous?

Yes, you can stay anonymous on the platform.

How is my privacy protected?

We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. We verify your account while you register with us through email and then only we will share our community link with you. None of the communication will happen with you outside of the community without your consent. You are suggested to not share any private information with any other members.

How can I join as Volunteer?

You can go to the Join Us page and contact us through the contact form provided there. Do not forget to mention "Join as Volunteer for <your interest field>" in the subject line.

Do I need expertise to join the team?

You can send your background and interest when you contact us for volunteering to join the team. We will consider the best suited position for you. 

Does Silly Opera supports languages other than English? 

Currently, all our communication is to be supported in English only. But we are planning to accomodate more languages as our team expands.

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