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Self-Care in the Digital age

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Not Quantity but Quality is the key!

In today's world, almost everyone is online, and using social media has become an integral part of our lives. While the digital age is the most advanced era in human history but it also has its share of shortcomings. One of the most crucial among them is that the digital age has a very direct impact on the mental health of people engaged massively all over the world in the consumption of technologies.

Studies have flagged that the usage of digital mediums which are essential in this age of development, especially for children and teenagers has altered the ability to socialize, empathize and make connections. Despite social media giving so much access to all of us to information and connecting with anyone over the globe in seconds, it has also impacted the course of our normal day-to-day activities which are so much essential for our mental health and well-being. Since the pandemic, the consumption of social media per individual has been reaching sky limits thus the implications are adverse and are increasing. Is it the time when society needs to be more aware of how much consumption of digital devices and platforms like social media and virtual life is healthy? And the importance of quality of consumption always seems to be overlooked. Although setting benchmarks is difficult and the work culture and lifestyles of individuals and communities around the world are also very different. However, we can definitely set limits between healthy and unhealthy consumption of digital devices and platforms. Here are some steps forward which can be relevant and helpful for individuals to incorporate in their daily lives in order to achieve healthy lifestyles while not totally cutting off social media. We understand that digital platforms are now an integral part of our life and in a way will keep playing key roles in our society, work and personal lives.

Learn to calm their screen first!

It does not matter how many hours in a day you spend your time while working on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We have an option now to calm the screen to warm colors as an option in almost all screen devices. Utilizing this feature can not rest your eyes but also help you to manage eye fatigue and headaches.

Declutter your devices!

We have overloaded ourselves with a lot of stuff. So many platforms and a lot of notifications just keep popping on our devices every second which is not only distracting but also reduces the focus and ability to prioritize what is important and relevant to us. You can declutter your devices from time to time to get rid of all the unnecessary apps and mediums that are not adding value to your life but are taking the space in your mobile and are distracting you in your digital usage time.

Take a break from social media.

Imagine using social media every day for more than 2-6 hours. Think, is it relevant? How will it help me? What am I missing out on in the bigger picture? In most cases, it is not just a waste of time but also feeding anxiety to ourselves. Therefore, it is suggested to take a break off social media when the need is and find the recharge and balance outside of the digital screen.

Engage in activities that slowly reduce your digital platform consumption.

We work on our laptops and then shift to our smartphones and then get back to our laptops again as soon as the break is over. We have become unable to take healthy breaks as all the digital age is offering us is to replace one platform with another but there is no escape. Therefore, we will have to become mindful of our breaks! So next time when you get a little break at work or at home, go out and make a healthy drink for yourself, chit chat with people around, go on a walk, or just simply just stay back and breathe in and out.

These are some of the ways which might help you in healthily shaping your digital journey. With small consistent efforts and some simple tweaks, it is definitely possible to deduct the unhealthy usage of social media and use this tool for our optimum benefits, entertainment, and value.


Silly Opera is making it possible to create spaces where you can share your stories, have deep conversations about mental health, and these are open to all but based on an invite-only policy to ensure safety. We have listening circles, open-mic sessions, open discussions, ask-a-counselor and so much more. For more information write to us and to join our community by submitting this form. See you there!


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