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Books: My mental health companion

Better than a companion and lovelier than a lover, books are my those companions who always advise me to dream high and not to look at the past rather than analyze it. They never brought me down when it comes to giving advice and strategies.

How do books help us?

Helps in our cognitive development

Researchers using MRI scans have found that reading uses many complex networks and circuits of the brain, which get more activated with the continuous habit of reading.

Helps in making us more empathetic

Improves our vocabulary

Give us exposure to varied thoughts

Help us to keep our mental state healthy

What kind of books should one read?

It's a tricky thing to understand but crucial as well. Reading can only benefit a person when it is according to the needs of that person.

So, let's understand ourselves in different situations:

When we are under pressure

Surely this time, we do not want other people to meddle with us because of some negativity they may spread, but we also want something to uplift us. There we can take help from non-fictional and self-help books. These books will allow us to have good strategies to cope with our situation.

When we feel detached from the world

When we feel too sparky

When should we stop reading?

People always suggest reading but at what point we should stop reading is a big question. Let's find an answer:

We should stop reading a book when-

It doesn't excite us further

When we read continuously for a long, it is obvious that we may get bored. So, at that time, our minds won't be able to grasp further information. Then, it is better to put the book aside.

The content is not for you

The language is not easy to understand

Printed vs Digital books!

Mostly it is advised to have a printed book rather than a digital one. It may be because a printed book can prevent you from a higher screen time, unwanted notifications, and other social media distractions too.

But the content is the same for a book whether it is a printed version or a digital one. And even a digital book is relatively cheaper and easy to keep and read anywhere, anytime.


Let us know by voting in the poll below:

Which one do you prefer, a printed or a digital version of a book?

  • I am oldschool, I love flipping through real papers!

  • Scrolling through digital pages is interesting!

  • Tuning in Audiobooks is more engaging!



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